New Look Paint for a Fresh Look.

Are you considering painting your house for a fresh new look? Choosing the appropriate type of paint could be the only thing that you need to do to transform your space. One of the major problems people encounter when undertaking a DIY project is choosing the wrong product due to a lack of correct information.

blue paint brush tool set

Choosing the best house paint means a consideration of individual taste and personality. At the same time the choice should be guided by the kind of space that you are painting. Think about what you are painting, interior painting, exterior painting? Which room of your interior are you painting? For each of these different facets of your home you will require different kinds of paint, so you will need to consider what your needs for the project are before you start seeking advice.

Firstly, ensure that you have a reliable source for all your paint supplies. The paint store will often help you settle for the best color and type of house paint. Colour will have a huge impact on the outcome of your space. While it is tempting to stick with a safe palette of whites and creams sometimes choosing even one bold, dynamic colour to accompany a neutral palette will lift your whole space, as well as giving you a guide for when it comes to decorating your interior. Having one accent colour will lend direction when choosing your soft furnishings and accessories.

dining room grey paint wall colour

With so many colour palettes to choose from choosing house paint colours for your home can seem like a daunting task. Try to choose a scheme that will reflect how you want to use the space, for example a palette a blues works well in a home office as these colours have a calming effect. While a palette of oranges and yellows will be energising and warm, perfect for kitchens or living areas. Try to choose palettes that work in harmony together, talk to your local Paint Place specialist about which house paint colours you are considering. Alternatively you can try one of the Paint Place Decorators Kits which will take you through the steps to creative a cohesive colour palette for your home.

new look paint colour chart

When it comes to choosing the type of paint suitable for your DIY project it is best to talk to your paint specialist about which house paint is best for your individual needs. Generally using water based or oil based paints should be guided by several things. Exterior paint, for example should be oil based due to exposure of the surfaces to the extreme weather conditions, if possible choose a paint that comes with a 15 year guarantee, such as New Look Exterior paint.

When choosing interior paint you need to consider a few things. Is it a high traffic area, is it a wet area such as bathrooms or kitchens? Low Sheen is best for living areas and bedrooms as it is able to withstand high traffic and can be easily cleaned. Choose a paint that is low VOC and low odour as this will minimise the time before you can move back in your room and is better for the environment, try New Look Interior Low Sheen for a durable, high quality finish. For kitchens and bathrooms it is best to use a gloss or a satin as this finish is more hard wearing and will withstand wet conditions such as those in bathrooms.

Ultimately you will achieve the best finish by using the right products for the job, talk to your local Paint Place specialist about your project needs.