There’s no better time than the new year to focus on rejuvenating your surroundings – and painting your walls is the easiest and most affordable place to start! The arrival of the new year has hopefully made you a little more daring too, because in this post we’re celebrating bold moves; splashing your walls with bright colours to truly make them feel new and improved.

Here are four colour examples, how to make them work and the best Paint Place products to utilise so your room truly shines.


Summer evokes a real sense of happiness and cheer – and there’s no reason your rooms can’t reflect that. Bringing yellow onto your walls is a no-brainer and can be kept chic and sophisticated by introducing darker shades like brown, black and grey through accessories. The kitchen is a great place to test this out, because wall space is traditionally minimal – so you can become comfortable with the dramatic result!

We recommend a vibrant yellow like:

To achieve this look try a combination of Pineapple Punch, a vibrant lime yellow and New York Lights, a crisp white. To test one of the other colours featured come into your local Paint Place today and pick up a sample pot.



Pale, calming blues have been dominating the interior landscape for a while now, which means it’s the perfect time to get gutsy and implement a more daring shade. Deep, luxe blues bring with them a slight masculinity, but can be softened with whites, soft pinks and yellows. It can also be paired with red for a charming nautical vibe perfect for bathrooms or try combining with a gorgeous deep purple to create serenity and calm in an office environment.

We recommend a deep blue like:

To achieve this look try a combination of Sea Patrol, a vibrant dark blue and New York Lights, a gorgeous crisp white, with accents of Rock Your Work, a stunning deep purple.



Daring and dramatic, black or dark grey hues will help make a space feel cosy and intimate – which is why they’re best kept for bedrooms or living spaces. Keep in mind that it will make the room feel smaller, so balance this out by bringing in neutral coloured furniture and accessories.

Ensure you always test a dark colour like this on your wall at different times of the day prior to painting the entire room (the lighting can dramatically effect the end result).

(Image sourced from:

We recommend a dark grey like these colours below to achieve this look:



If bold moves aren’t your thing, fear not; dusty hues are a great way to get your colour fix without it screaming off your walls. A dusty pink will give a fresh and airy feel to your space and is wonderful when teamed with blonde timber and copper or gold accent pieces. The more white in the paint, the less feminine it will feel. A dusty blue is another great idea and will come to life with black and brown furniture.

(Image sourced from

(Image sourced from

We recommend a pale shade like the colours below to achieve a similar look:

All of the colours featured above are from the Paint Place premium quality brand, New Look. Come in store and pick up a sample pot in one of your favourite colours today!

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