Mould is unsightly and can come in many different forms. In this instance, we’re not talking about a Blue Castello kind. What we’re talking about is mould that hitches a ride on your walls, ceiling, fence and pretty much any other spot around your home, making it appear unclean and weathered. So what is mould and how can you treat it?

green mould on fence

To put it simply, mould is a fungus that grows in moist, poorly ventilated areas. Some is harmless in terms of our health, but can be quite unappealing to the eye, other forms, however, can be more detrimental to our health. We come into contact with mould in our day-to-day lives, sometimes without even realising. So why is it that when we see mould on a piece of food we chuck it out, but when it’s on our home we leave it there to fester and grow? Mould is something that is easy to overlook, but best not to.

There are some more effective measures that can be taken when it comes to removing mould. One of these measures is removing the ability for it to grow altogether. As mentioned earlier, mould loves a damp environment and limited airflow. This can be combatted by installing ventilating exhaust fans in wet areas such as bathrooms or kitchen. If you’re just building a new home, you can use mould resistant products such as mould resistant drywall to prevent the problem before it occurs. While these are more permanent solutions, they can be quite costly and invasive to install.

Alternatively, you can treat the mould, and then use a mould proof paint to prevent it from returning. Now, I don’t know about you, but painting seems like a much better option, especially since you can also use it as an excuse to go for a different interior paint colour and redecorate! Right about now you may be thinking that the range of mould resistant paint colours on the market is quite limited, but think again! There are loads of mould resistant paint products on the market that can be tinted to just about any colour that you choose.

To paint over an area that is already affected by mould, you will have to prepare the walls beforehand. Don’t stress though, we have a blog on removing mould that covers interior, exterior and extreme mould scenarios in three simple steps. When painting over mould affected areas, It is important to use a mould resistant paint, to ensure that mould does not form again in the area. We recommend New Look Mould and Mildew Proof paint, which has a five year guarantee on preventing mould and a 15 year warranty on durability. This gives you peace of mind that your walls will stay looking fresh and free of mould, while maintaining a perfect finish until you’re ready to choose a new colour scheme for your home!

before and after painting over mouldWhile painting and redecorating may be an avid DIY-ers dream, some people might not have the time, or simply prefer to pay someone else to paint and style their home. Cue, Paint Place’s Find a Painter service that makes finding a qualified paint and colour expert in your area easy. This service connects consumers looking to transform their home with a tradie they can trust. The service provides you with two free quotes from qualified painters in your area so you can sit back and relax, while we do all the organising for you. Need help with colour? Many of our stores also offer a colour service, either instore or at your home. Just tell one of our team members where you need help.

At Paint Place we can show you how to DIY or we can do it for you. No job is too big, or too small and our painters will use quality paint brands that you know and trust.

So what are you waiting for? Tackle your mould issue today and use it as a reason to makeover your home – you can thank us later!

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