Damp areas of the home are often very prone to unsightly mould, which can be aesthetically displeasing and quite bad for your health. There is now an easy way to transform your bathroom with a mould resistant paint makeover. Clean away any mould growth first, and once the surface is ready for painting, use New Look Mould & Mildew Proof paint, in any colour that you choose. Bathroom paint colour schemes don’t always need to be painted soft neutral shades, choose sophisticated tones of deep blue or charcoal for an opulent, up to date, bathroom makeover.



Mouldy walls immediately make a room look tired and dirty. Not the welcoming, enveloping space that you want to spend time in. Revamp your mouldy interior walls by prepping the surface and applying two coats of New Look Mould & Mildew Proof paint. You can be assured that choosing a beautiful, crisp white, or soft neutral will stay looking new and mould free for at least five years, thanks to the New Look guarantee! Simply apply two coats of our mould resistant paint in the colour of your choice for a fresh, updated living space.


Exterior walls can often be very susceptible to damp conditions. This in turn leads to mould growth. If you want your exterior to look smart and have great street appeal, then it is time to get rid of that mould. It is as easy as removing all excess mould, prepping the surface, and applying two coats of the self-priming New Look Mould & Mildew Proof Exterior Paint. You can choose any colour that you want and be reassured that it will withstand tough exterior conditions. Not only is this a mould resistant paint range, but it will also withstand all weather conditions, as well as cracking and peeling.




Kitchens are often the central hub of a home. With kitchen walls being subject to intense heat and moisture, often they become breeding grounds for unsightly mould growth. New Look Mould & Mildew Proof has been designed for kitchen areas and prevents all new growth of mould and mildew. So have fun choosing some of the latest colours that will refresh your kitchen space and transform it into an appealing living area. Try colours such as Misty Moon, Double Delight, Coney or Listening Waters for a splash of subdued colour against crisp, white accessories.

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If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom and restore tiles, baths and other surfaces, Paint Place has the solution. Create an illusion of wall to ceiling tiles by painting the existing tile and wall in the one colour, or update that tired bath and make it look like new.

Ensure you use a product specifically for wet areas. Depending on the state of the substrate, you may choose to use a mould proof paint or a mould resistant and highly washable product like Wattyl Interior Design i.d Advanced with ‘Total Clean Technology’. It creates a highly durable, mould and bacteria resistant interior wall finish for areas which are most demanding. With advanced cleanability for superior stain resistance and washability, this smooth, elegant low sheen finish is low VOC with virtually no odour.

  • Antibacterial
  • Anti mould and mildew
  • Advanced Cleanability
  • Low VOC and low odour
  • Improved application properties
  • Suitable for application in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries

 Here are a few big tips on how to make the most out of your bathroom reno. For more expert tips and advice, visit your local Paint Place store.


When painting bathrooms, first check the ceiling and walls for signs of mould. Flat paints should not be used in wet areas.

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Well, good news, Autumn is here and so is our Big Brand Sale! If you ask us, its a match made in heaven. Before embarking on your Autumn project, it’s a smart idea to first decide on the finish you’re hoping to achieve. There’s a wide range of paints and each come with their own set of benefits. So, whether you’re wanting to take advantage of the cooler months, give an old room a breath of fresh air or to increase your property’s value; step away from the paint can and do it right the first time with these handy definitions.

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Trying to find a quality, local paint store can be a challenge. Knowing which is the best paint store in your area is often difficult information to come by. Here are several tips that will help you settle for the very best. Having a paint store that is reliable, cost effective and a specialist will be a huge help when undergoing any DIY project. Specialist knowledge and product will go a long way in ensuring that you achieve a quality finish for you job.

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Do It Yourself painting has more recently become the prefered option for those looking to undertake renovations to their home. Whether you have had a disaster experience in the past with a job not done properly, the untimely delivery of services or if you are looking to put your own stamp on your home and just have a go yourself DIY is a great option.

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New Look Paint for a Fresh Look.

Are you considering painting your house for a fresh new look? Choosing the appropriate type of paint could be the only thing that you need to do to transform your space. One of the major problems people encounter when undertaking a DIY project is choosing the wrong product due to a lack of correct information.

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It’s really good to know what you are doing when you kick off a new DIY project. Getting the knack of painting is easy once you have the basics under control. There are a few simple steps to follow which will help you achieve results that you can be really proud of. Paint Place can offer further guidance in store and give you a full run down of all of the tools and tips that you will need, in the meantime here are a few pointers to get you started.

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