The Hybrid Polymer technology in Simply Woodcare Dexpress delivers exceptional durability and UV resistance along with resistance to peeling, cracking and moisture absorption.

This makes Dexpress perfect for enhancing the look and longevity of Australia’s favourite hardwood and softwood decking timbers including Merbau, Spotted Gum and Treated Pine. This two-coat low lustre finish is easy to apply, fast-drying and washes up quickly in water.

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Give your metal projects some T.L.C. and get them looking better than new with help from the experts at Paint Place.

Follow these simple steps and turn your project from drab to fab!

These steps can be followed to paint on most objects, like a metal table, metal screen, garage door, metal posts or metal chair… The list goes on!


  • Drop Sheep
  • Sanding block
  • Wire brush
  • Paint scraper
  • Paint & Primer

Let’s get started!

We love simple DIY projects because of the big impact they can have on the appearance of your home. One such project is the humble metal garage door. Remembering that it is a far better and cheaper option to ‘maintain’ than ‘replace’ – and because saving money is so motivating – here is our expert step-by-step guide to bringing a rusty metal garage door back to life. Ready?

Let’s get started!

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A lick of paint is the quickest and easiest way to make an impactful change in your home. Whether you have a tired old room that needs a refresh, or you have a new piece of art or furniture that you need to create a beautiful space for, here are some tips and tricks for using colour in clever and creative ways.

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Going to town on home-made decorations is a great way to get the creative juices flowing over the Christmas break. There’s something about decorating your home with hand-crafted items that really captures the spirit of the season.

But finding inspiration can be daunting. A quick search of Pinterest reveals thousands of Christmas-themed projects created by some very keen crafters.

But, choosing the wrong project can be expensive, and easily lead to you into Pinterest fail territory. So, this year, we’ve made it easy for you.

We’ve picked two easy, affordable Christmas projects, simple enough to pull off in one sitting, and charming enough to give the Christmas spirit a boost at your place. And the best part – you can complete them with products available at Paint Place!


Mould is unsightly and can come in many different forms. In this instance, we’re not talking about a Blue Castello kind. What we’re talking about is mould that hitches a ride on your walls, ceiling, fence and pretty much any other spot around your home, making it appear unclean and weathered. So what is mould and how can you treat it?

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Have you got a kitchen that should have stayed in the 1970’s? It could seem like a daunting task to give it an update, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be an expensive exercise.  With a bit of planning, creativity and the fantastic range of products on offer from Paint Place, it is easy to give your daggy old kitchen a complete makeover without breaking the bank.  It’s just about choosing the right products, and colour combinations on all of your surfaces, for a fresh, modern kitchen transformation. Here are some step by step tips to get you started:

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Spring’s upon us. That means it’s time to slap on some sunscreen, dust off the outdoor cushions, grab a book (and a cocktail) and head to your deck for some chill time. But hold on – how’s the state of your deck? Fit for relaxing or in desperate need of a lift?

In our last post, we shared some of the signs your deck may be in need of some TLC. Basically, if your deck is patchy, weathered, mouldy or mildewy, it’s time revive your deck. Here’s our suggestions for getting your deck summer-ready.

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Now is the perfect time to give your home a colour refresh. With warm weather approaching and entertaining season almost here, freshen up of your living spaces or guest bedrooms and ensure you are ready for the holiday season. Whether you are going to tackle just one room, or an entire house, here are some useful tips to get you on track to creating a perfectly decorated space.

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