Whether you are looking at selling your property or simply giving it a bit of a facelift, first impressions count. You need to ensure that your home has great street appeal. Firstly, you need to assess what your current street appeal is. Stand across the road and have a good look at your home. Better still ask a neighbour or friend to give you unfiltered feedback too. What works? What needs improving? What looks scruffy and what catches your eye? Do your research by taking a drive around your neighbourhood and making notes on homes that are well presented and appealing. What is different about them. If you need extra inspiration, visit real estate sites to see how homes in your area are presented. If you are looking at selling, remember that the first image people look at is the exterior. This will motivate them to either click on your property or scroll past it.



Create a strong first impression for your home by ensuring that you have a stylish and well maintained fence. A fence will create a sense of security to your home and will define the front yard area. Always ensure that your fence reflects the character and style of your home. Choose similar construction materials and then select a colour palette for your fence that matches the colours of your exterior.


A front door is crucial to creating a strong visual impact to your home. Always ensure that it is in great condition. Repaint it if any paint is peeling or faded. Remove old screen doors that are damaged or detracting from your overall front area. A fresh coat of paint will instantly transform your front door. Use a Gloss or Semigloss paint for maximum impact and durability.

A front door is an area where you can be adventurous and have fun with colour. Lift an all-white or neutral exterior colour by adding in a bright front door. Red is one of the most popular front door colours, but alternatives are a glossy black or navy, or even a stunning blue. Always remember that an eye-catching front door area will give people the impression that there is a beautiful home behind it!



A great colour scheme will make your home stand out on your street and will add thousands to the value of your home. Often selecting exterior colour schemes can seem challenging, but there are few tried and tested combinations to help you get the best result with the least amount of angst.



Neutral colour scheme are the most popular option for exteriors. You can use a white or off white on the exterior walls and then pick out trims and architectural detailing in contrasting colours. Always remember to consider your fence, front door, garage door and roofing when you are putting together your scheme. A neutral palette is also unlikely to date, an important consideration as ideally you’ll want it to see you through 10 years. Neutrals are also a better choice if you are considering selling any time soon as they are less likely to alienate potential buyers.

If you need ideas, look at colour charts such as the New Look Exterior Colour Card which shows you a number of proven colour combinations that have been put together by a team of experts. Try combinations such as New Look Catch the Light, Coney, Siberian Nights and Colorbond Shale Grey or New Look Grand Impression, Gentle Melody, Cirque and Colorbond Monument.


Alternatively- you can choose from a deep shade to make a statement on your exterior. Modern style homes look stunning when painted in deep colours such as charcoal and contrasted with crisp white trims and front doors. The contrast point for trim is really important to balance your scheme. If you are painting your exterior in a deep colour aim to go for a lighter colour on the roof. Lighter colours will reflect the heat buy propecia dublin more effectively and give much needed contrast to the walls.

Deep colours highlight architectural angles beautifully such as doors, roof pitch and even guttering. You can create subtle areas of contrast by experimenting with contrast in differing shades of the same colour. Use the front door and mailbox to add pops of colour.

Try colour combinations such as New Look Playful Dolphin, Panna Cotta and Rumour. Some good deep colours for your exteriors are New Look Zeplin Grey, Trevi, Brilliant Storm and Troubled Waters.



Transforming the exterior of your home doesn’t necessarily need to be an expensive exercise. Any small projects that you undertake will increase the value and street appeal of your home. If you have the budget, a total repaint and some landscaping will make a huge impact. Smaller projects such as decluttering the area, adding in plants and planters and sprucing up the letterbox will all make a difference.



The key to a successful exterior colour scheme is being sympathetic to your homes streetscape and surroundings. Ensure that your home compliments neighbouring homes in your street. It doesn’t need to be the same, but you don’t want it to stand out for all the wrong reasons. An exterior repaint can be a big investment, but it will appeal to your buyers and will instantly add value to your home.

If you are simply looking at changing the colour and then giving your exteriors a spruce up then make sure that you consider all of the existing elements such as roof, paving, driveway, stonework, joinery etc. Take these into consideration when you are choosing your colours and ensure that they work in with your new scheme. A successful exterior colour scheme should have at least 3 different colours: a wall colour, a trim colour and an accent colour for doors etc. Your trim colour should always be a strong contrast to your wall colour. So if you have a light or white wall colour, use a mid tone or a deep tone for your trim colours.


Make a real style statement by upgrading your letterbox and your house numbering. Letterboxes often suffer from exposure to the sun and over the years begin to look faded and shabby. If you want to make a great first impression, then take a good look at your letterbox and consider a revamp if it is needed. Choose a letterbox that matches the style and colours of your home. If you want to make an impact choose a deep or bold colour such as red or charcoal.



The finishing touches are often what pulls a whole exterior scheme together. Plants are an economical and easy addition to increase street appeal. Planters create a strong focal point, they add softness and also provide a pop of colour if it is required.

Choose plants that reflect the style and architecture of your home. For a more traditional home, choose an aged planter with soft colours to tie in with your scheme. For a modern home chose more structured shapes and plants such as succulents and spiky leaf plants in deep coloured planters.


The final part of your exterior makeover is a good declutter. Once again, look at your home from a buyer’s point of view. You need to think about removing any excess clutter from your front yard and the back area. Put away any items that are strongly personal. You don’t need to throw them away, just store them away somewhere safe until you can use them again.

Often our front yards are cluttered with old garden hoses, plastic pots and planters. Look at your front door area and once again remove anything in excess such as old door mats and old pieces of furniture, children’s bikes and shoes. A nicely styled furniture setting or a bench seat with cushions is a good addition if there is space, and it ties in with your colour scheme and home style.